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Why is my nonstick pan sticking?

Why is my nonstick pan sticking?

Nonstick coating can stop releasing food and begin sticking for the following reasons:

1. Use of high heat - High heat is not recommended for our non-stick products as this can cause sticking. Our product conducts heat well at lower temperatures so we recommend using low to medium heat to preserve your non-stick coating. Find out the difference between overheating vs. boiling dry.

2. Use of aerosol cooking sprays - Cooking spray burns at lower temperatures and can burn into the non-stick coating causing build up of the spray. This will cause sticking and damage to the non-stick coating and sometimes give the product a "rusty" appearance.

We suggest using olive oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, butter and margarine for flavor.

Pans should be cleaned with warm soapy water after every use so food residue is not allowed to build up, which will, after time, cause sticking and damage to the non-stick coating. We have some tips on cleaning your nonstick pan.

The use of non-stick cooking spray and the use of high heat will void your product warranty.  To learn more about why cooking sprays shouldn't be used:  using non-stick cooking spray on non-stick product

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