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Do stainless steel handles get hot?

Do stainless steel handles get hot?

Generally, stainless steel is a poor heat conductor which is why it makes for good, sturdy handles.

There are several types of stainless steel handles.   

Stainless steel tubular handles are sturdy and oven safe. The stainless steel is formed into a tubular shape, creating an inside air flow up the shank of the handle. This slows the buildup of heat from the hot pan to the handle.  Most of our newer product lines with tubular handles also contain a baffle where the handle meets the pan, allowing the handle to stay cooler for a longer period of time.

Cast stainless steel handles are molded into sturdy, beautiful handles that come in various shapes for grip comfort while remaining oven safe and durable.

Hollow-core cast stainless steel handles stay cooler longer than solid cast stainless steel handles and are oven safe to 500 degrees F. The air in the core of the handle insulates against heat during stovetop cooking.

For all types of stainless steel handles, the heat setting and length of the handle determine how long the handle will stay cool to the touch. Long stick handles will usually stay cooler than shorter side handles. However, if the stick handle is on a small skillet, the handle is much closer to the heat source, and consequently will tend to heat up much faster than a stick handle on a wide saute pan or tall saucepan.

Be sure to follow these basic guidelines when using product with stainless steel handles.

  • Use the burner size that most closely matches the size of your product.
  • Center your product on the burner.
  • Use low to medium heat.
  • Always use pot holders when removing product from the stovetop.

Note: You may want to consider using handle sleeves. They are a popular tool and are usually available from online retailers and most larger department stores.

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