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General Rebate Information

I have questions about rebates.

1. Help, I lost my receipt! Now how do I get my rebate?
Not to worry. We've come a long way from the days of handwritten receipts and carbon copies! Most stores can reprint you a receipt, especially if you paid with a credit card and know the exact date of your purchase.  Rebates cannot be processed without the receipt.

 2. Is it best to send a copy of my receipt and hold onto the original?
You'll need to review the rebate form (or legal description) to see whether or not the manufacturer asks you to send the original receipt.

 3. If I'm asked to send the original "UPC", what does that mean?
This means you need to send the product bar code found on the packaging. Some boxes may have several different looking bar codes, and it can get confusing! If you are unsure, ask the retail clerk at the point of purchase or call the customer service number on your rebate form.  Rebate requests that are submitted without the UPC code when required will be disqualified.

Example of bar code on the outside of your package:

 4. I forgot to send in for my rebate and now it has expired.  If I send it in late, will I be able to get my rebate?
Promotions such as rebates are carefully planned for very specific time frames. If the postmark date has passed for your rebate, your rebate will be disqualified. But truthfully, what makes a rebate special is the fact that they aren't offered all the time - so check your dates and apply promptly!

 5. I bought more than one of the same product that a rebate was offered on. Can I submit for more than one rebate?
Many rebates have a limit on the number of claims that can be submitted on a single promotion. To find the specific rules review the promotion details on your rebate form or rebate web site.

 6. I purchased the product that I am submitting a rebate for online and did not receive a receipt. Can I still receive a rebate?
Qualifying purchases made online are accompanied by a packing slip or e-mail order confirmation. For these purchases, the packing slip or e-mail confirmation may be used as the receipt.


For further questions about rebates or a status of the rebate you sent in, please contact Velocity Fulfillment Center.

Our rebate processing center can be reached at 1-800-953-3098 between the hours of 9AM - 6PM Pacific Standard Time. Please have the following information ready so that they can assist you:

  • Tracking ID (if you received an email communication regarding your submission)
  • Purchase Date
  • Product(s) Purchased
  • Your contact information

If you have questions about an offer for which you have not yet submitted, please have the Offer Number ready so that they can assist you. The Offer Number can be found in the address noted on the submission form.

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